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10 a Day is the New 5!

Updated: May 13, 2021

Everybody knows the you are supposed to eat 5 fruits or vegetables a day. According to the latest research, 10 a day is even better for your health!

Official government dietary advice recommends that you eat a minimum of 5 pieces of fruit & veg a day, but in new research by School of Public Health, it should actually be twice as much as that!

Investigations by Public Health experts have show that doubling your intake of fruit & veg seems to provide an even bigger health benefit than just 5 a day. Comprehensive analysis has show that the risk of several life-threatening or life-changing diseases and even premature deaths are markedly reduced!

It may seem impossible to have 10 portions of fruit & veg a day - sometimes 5 is a struggle enough! However, fear not as it turns out that eating as little as 200 grams of fruit & veg a day is enough to male a difference to your health.

The more you eat, however, the the better - 10 a day corresponds to 800 grams. So by how much does 10 portions of fruit & veg a day reduce your risk of the aofementioned diseases?

In comparison to those who do not eat even 200 grams of fruit & veg, those who ate 800 grams of fruit & veg reduced their risk of the following diseases by:

Cardiovascular disease: 28%

Stroke: 33%

Cancer: 13%

Premature death: 31%

So before reaching for any cakes, biscuits or snacky foods, try to remember that 5-10 portions of fruit & veg a day can help keep deadly diseases away.

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

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