The Daily Jab

tried & tested medication which has been used since 2009!


This medication was initially approved for diabetic patients in 2009 to help control their blood sugar and their diabetes. One of the side effects noted was weight loss. This prompted the manufacturer to carry out clinical trials using the drug for weight loss. Following the results, the medication was re-branded and re-licensed for weight loss in 2017. It has recently been approved by NICE as safe to use by the NHS for Tier 3 Weight Management.

What is it?

The medication comes as a pre-filled injectable pen under the brand name Saxenda. You inject yourself once a day. We recommend you do this in an area where you can pinch a good amount of meat (aka subcutaneous fat). You use a CLEAN and NEW needle every day, disposing of the needle after each injection.

It contains the active ingredient Liraglutide. Liraglutide is similar to a hormone in the body called glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1). This is an appetite hormone that helps regulate your hunger and is released by the intestines after a meal. The medication therefore helps you feel fuller and less hungry.



Your starting dose is discussed during consultation and any changes in your dosing will be reviewed regularly as your body adjusts to the medication.

It is used as an adjunct to a calorie controlled diet and light exercise.

What is included with the daily programme?

Included with the Daily Programme:


  • Your health screening & consultation

  • 30 days worth of needles

  • Aftercare literature, including side effects, how to deal with side effects, how to take measurements, top tips for weight loss etc

  • Free special delivery with tracking information from a UK regulated pharmacy

  • Dietary & nutritional advice from our in-house qualified nutritionists

  • Our 4 week meal plan, plus our 4 week Metabolism Reset meal plan

  • Exercise Crib Sheet for basic home exercises

  • Access to our Facebook Support Group

  • Regular email check-ins from our team to ensure you are getting the best possible results

  • You can request unlimited check-ins with our team if you need any advice or guidance

Plus you get access to our Members Area, which includes:

  • Progress tracking - keep an eye on your weight, waist measurements & BMI

  • Track your daily calories - you can input & see your daily calorie intake from food & fluids

  • Access to over 200 recipes, healthy food swaps & healthy food tips

  • Access to the medication information, demo videos & aftercare literature

  • Online Exercise Programmes - our home workouts with no need for expensive equipment

  • Request a review of your progress

  • Order repeat products if you wish to continue the programme

What is the dosage?

The starting dose for Saxenda is 0.6mg per day. Official titration guidelines from the manufacturer then recommend increasing the dose each week until you reach the full 3mg daily dose, which is then used for continual maintenance.

Our starting dose is 0.6mg per day and we re-assess your dose before you increase. Studies have shown that if the lower dose is working well for you, you do not need to increase the dose unnecessarily. If you would like to discuss your dose, please contact us.

What about side effects?

Like any new medication introduced to your body, your body will have to adjust to it. These side effects are generally mild and are transient - which means they will go after a few days once your body has adjusted.

Side effects can include:

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Dry mouth / thirst

  • Constipation or loose stool

  • Tiredness

Some clients experience no side effects. Some experience one side effect. Some experience two side effects. Everyone is different and it is difficult to predict. However, during the consultation we go through the side effects & how to deal with them. We also send you aftercare information on how to deal with any potential side effects and the Patient Information Leaflet, which goes into greater detail.

How much weight will I lose on the daily?


During clinical trials, patients saw better results in losing weight when compared to using a placebo injection over the course of 56 weeks.

In summary;

63% lost at least 5% of body weight

33% lost at least 10% body weight

15% lost at least 15% of body weight

The full results can be found here.

Furthermore, up to 80% of participants were found to keep the weight off a year later. But please know that everyone is different, so your weight loss may be more or it could be less . Try not to compare yourself to others losing weight - focus on yourself, your goals and your progress.

For more information from the manufacturer on the medication, please click here.

Am I suitable?

The programme is suitable for the vast majority of people. Our team will assess you on an individual basis, taking into account a range of factors, such as:

  • Your BMI

  • Your medical history

  • Your current medication

  • Body measurements

  • Current diet & eating habits

  • Current exercise levels

  • Other methods you have already tried

  • and more


The programme and medication is NOT suitable for:


  • Under 18's or Over 75's

  • Ladies who are breastfeeding or pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant.

  • Anyone who has had pancreatitis or thyroid tumours

  • Anyone with a history or direct family history of MEN2

  • Type 1 diabetics or patients taking diabetic medication

  • Renal (kidney) or liver disease

  • Anyone with heart failure