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Making Walking More Fun!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Going for a walk is an easy and accessible type of exercise, but lapping your neighbourhood can get boring quickly. There are heaps of apps you can download that will transform your walk into a mini adventure.

  • MapMyWalk - This app allows you to see the time spent walking, distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. When you finish, MapMyWalk allows you to upload and save your workout data and view it both on the app and on the MapMyWalk website. Great way to track your achievemnts.

  • Walkmeter - This has plenty of fun features to try. You can view your walks on a calendar or by route. It links with Google Maps so you can see terrain maps, and it even automatically records the weather.

  • Footpath Route Planner - This app allows you to easily map out routes. Simply trace a route with your finger, and Footpath Route Planning will show all trails and roads that will allow you to complete your walk. It can measure the distance you will need to travel and the height you will be climbing!

  • Strava - This app can be used to track more activities than you ever knew existed. This includes: cycling through to windsurfing, and of course, walking. With the help of GPS it can measure distance, time, elevation gain, calories and route. It's even possible to track your heart rate, if you sync the app up with your personal heart rate monitor.

  • AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer - This is navigation app that is great for exploring off the beaten track. The free (lite) version comes with online maps. If you want to access online maps for offline use, there is also premium paid-for version of the maps.

With all these apps, you can track how far you have walked and how long for. This is a great and easy way to set yourself goals for being active through walking and track that transformation progress.

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