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Enjoying Easter Weekend Without those Weight Gain Woes

Easter weekend beckons with delicious treats, family gatherings, and maybe a little indulgence. But the looming threat of weight gain can cast a shadow over the festivities. Fear not, chocolate lovers! Here are some smart strategies to savour the joys of Easter without packing on the pounds.

Embrace the Power of Planning:

  • Pre-emptive Measures: Stock your fridge with healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain crackers to avoid reaching for sugary treats when hunger pangs strike.

  • Portion Patrol: If you're attending a bank holiday party, bring a healthy dish to share, ensuring at least one nutritious option on the table.

Mindful Munching:

  • Savour the Season: Easter is a time for celebration, not deprivation. Enjoy a small portion of your favourite Easter treat, but savour each bite. Focus on the taste and texture, allowing yourself to feel satisfied with less.

  • Prioritise Protein: Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast like Greek yogurt with berries or eggs with whole-wheat toast. This helps regulate appetite hormones, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and potentially reducing cravings throughout the day.

Shift Your Focus:

  • Embrace Activities: Plan activities beyond just food. Go for an Easter egg hunt, take a family bike ride, or have a board game tournament.

  • Quality Time, Not Quantity: Focus on connecting with loved ones. Laughter and good company are calorie-free ways to create lasting memories.

Be Smart About Drinks:

  • Skip the Sugary Stuff: Ditch sugary drinks and juices for water, sparkling water with a squeeze of citrus, or unsweetened iced tea. These will keep you hydrated without adding unnecessary calories.

  • Moderate Alcohol Intake: Alcoholic drinks are often high in calories. If you choose to indulge, alternate alcoholic beverages with water and limit yourself to one or two drinks.


  • Don't Deprive Yourself: Easter is a time for celebration! Enjoy your favourite treats in moderation, but don't feel guilty about indulging a little.

  • Focus on Long-Term Goals: Easter weekend is just a blip on the radar. Get back on track with your healthy habits after the festivities.

Bonus Tip: Get some sunshine! Vitamin D has been linked to improved mood and appetite regulation. Soaking up some rays, safely with sunscreen (and assuming the bank holiday rains don't descend upon us!) can be a feel-good mood booster that might help you make healthier choices.

By following these tips, you can navigate the Easter weekend with a mindful approach and still have a fun and enjoyable celebration. Remember, it's all about balance, not deprivation. So go forth, enjoy the company, savour the treats, and embrace the spirit of Easter!

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