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5 exercise ideas and benefits for the working day

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Doing some exercise during a working day is a great way to get you moving and help you reach your slim transformation goals.

  1. Going for a short walk on your breaks - Walking for around 15 minutes will help stretch your body, after sitting a desk for a long period of time, and burn around 60 calories. It will also help to lift your mood too!

  2. Using flights of stairs - If you're unable to leave the office at break times, because it's raining or you need to remain on site, try stair climbing. Set a goal of around 5 minutes to walk up and down a flight of stairs. This will get you moving, lift your heart and burn around 100 calories. You can always listen to some music of a podcast to keep you going!

  3. Comfort break - When nature calls, try and select a toilet facility that is further away from your desk. You'll be amazed at how many steps you add by walking that short extra distance.

  4. Avoid the lift - Whenever possible, avoid using a lift and take the stairs. This will burn extra calories and can potentially be a quicker way to get to the next floor!

  5. Walk a little further to the office - When possible, park further away from you place of work, or get off one stop before when using the bus or train. This will get you walking and add that extra calorie burn.

The benefits:

  1. Little exercise during the work day boosts your mood and energy levels.

  2. Getting away from the computer helps to clear and refocus your mind, making you more productive.

  3. Movement and exercise is proven to help reduce stress .

  4. When you're moving, you have time to reflect and to problem solve.

  5. Finally, it burns those extra calories for your slim transformation goals!

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