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Lose weight and keep it off with healthy eating!


To truly maximise the effects of the jab, nutrition & exercise are key. Many companies tell you the jab is a "miracle cure". However, for any weight loss, calorie deficit is key to losing the weight & healthy eating is key to maintaining your weight loss for the long run.


Our Members Area has over 100 recipes to guide you on a healthier eating regime, with some of our clients maintaining their weight loss by following our weekly meal planners.

We understand that nutrition is key to a healthier lifestyle, which is why we have two qualified nutritionists on the team who understand that healthy eating is critical to maximising the effect's of the jab and to keep the weight off once you finish the jab. The jab is just the kickstarter to get the weight off - healthy eating & light exercise is the true key, both of which are made easier by the initial impact of the jab on your sugary cravings and hunger levels.

Good Nutrition:


We do not advise extreme fasting diets - starving yourself for long periods of time is unsustainable in the long run.


We currently do not advise cutting our entire food groups. You need a good balance of healthy carbs, fats, fruit & veg.


We do not advise you to essentially starve your body of nutrients by following a very low calorie diet.


We DO advise you to eat well-preportioned & balanced meals throughout the day.

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