Some will tell you the jab is a "miracle cure". However, for any weight loss, calorie deficit is key to lose weight & healthy eating is essential to maintaining your weight loss.

Below are some quick educational articles on how good nutrition can help aid your weight loss and help keep you in good health.


If you're a client of ours, you'll also have access to over 200 recipes to guide you on a healthier eating regime via your Account's Dashboard.

We understand that nutrition is key to a healthier lifestyle, which is why we have two qualified nutritionists on the team. The medication is the kick-starter you need to get things moving again - healthy eating & light exercise is made easier by the medication's affect on your appetite, sugary cravings and hunger levels.


We do not advise extreme fasting diets - starving yourself for long periods of time is unsustainable in the long run.


We do not advise cutting out entire food groups. You need a good balance of healthy carbs, fats, fruit & veg.


We do not advise you to essentially starve your body of nutrients by following a very low calorie diet.


We DO advise you to eat well-preportioned & balanced meals throughout the day.

Educational Articles: