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Running or walking, which is more effective for weight-loss?

Runners enjoy the cardio kick and high-intensity nature of their sport, where as walkers argue that walking is better for their joints and knees. However, which is more effective to support weight-loss?

A 2013 study examined data from the National Runners’ and Walkers’ Health Study. It compared weight change and exercise levels in nearly 50,000 people who had been either running or walking for years.

The study found that walking led to weight loss for nearly everyone in the study. However, running was more effective at dropping pounds for men overall, and for women starting out with the most pounds.

Still, for both men and women in the largest weight category, walking led to about half the weight loss of running. Another surprising twist: walking was virtually as effective as running for women in all other weight categories in the study.

If quick weight-loss is your goal, running is a clear choice, but this must be done safely with the correct running trainers. The heaviest runners in the study saw 905 greater weight-loss as compared to walking alone.

If you're starting from a place of little to no activity, walking is an excellent choice. As you become more fit, or if you are already managing higher-intensity exercise, you'll benefit from gradually adding harder workouts like running, power walking or interval training.

While running may lead to more substantial weight loss, particularly in men and in women carrying the most pounds, running ins't the best weight-loss for everyone. Oddly enough, running can even cause weight-gain in some situations, as the body craves more calorie rich foods. Risk of injury is more likely, especially when not wearing appropriate foot wear.

Research suggests that running can lead to more pounds lost for those who can do it consistently. However, both walking and running provide benefits for weight-loss and improved overall health. The best exercise for weight-loss is the one that you actually do on a regular basis! What matters most is consistency, no matter whether you're walking or running.

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