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Rise of Fake Ozempic & Raw / Powdered Semaglutide

You may have seen in the British press or on the TV about fake Ozempic entering the UK market. This has been gradually creeping into our lives via different routes - social media, market places, beauty treatment clinics, salons etc. Some even claim to have Certificates of Authenticity, which perhaps they were missold to by a supplier of fake or illegal forms of Semaglutide.

It can be tricky to know what's real and what is not. It can also be tricky with wanting to lose weight but given the current cost of living crisis, the cheaper alternatives seem like a good deal at the time... but they can be very dangerous for your health and lining the pockets of those who are not regulated or have any professional responsibility or liability or a duty of care to safely oversee your health.

Spot the Difference

Like a lot of counterfeits, it can be very difficult to see the differences initially but when you look closer, there are a few differences between the structure, mechanism and packaging of the fake Ozempic.


Some key differences can be:



  • Genuine Novo Nordisk Ozempic pens do not extend/increase in length when setting the dose.

  • The dose dial window only shows the intended doses and no in between e.g. 0.25mg, 0.5mg and 1mg only.

  • The glass chamber/vial containing the medication is framed & is visibly held within the pen's framework. There are no markings on the glass chamber/vial.

  • Authentic Ozempic® pens in the UK are currently available in the following configuration - 0.25mg pen, 0.5mg pen, 1 mg pen

  • The box containing authentic Ozempic® will include 4 needles which attach directly onto the pen.


  • A counterfeit pen may extend in length when you dial the dose.

  • The glass chamber/vial is fully exposed without any frame and shows markings on the glass.

  • The label on a counterfeit pen could be of poor quality and may not adhere well to the pen.

  • A counterfeit carton may have spelling mistakes on the front of the box (i.e., 1pen and 4 doses without space between ‘1’ and ‘pen’) as seen in photo below.

  • The batch number printed on a counterfeit box may not correspond to the product strength stated on the same box and pen.

Please look at the below gallery & click on the pictures to spot the differences between Genuine Ozempic and Counterfeit Ozempic.

What about powder Semaglutide?

You may have seen a completely different version of Semaglutide on social media, the news or via online sellers.

Compounded, raw or powdered forms of Semaglutide have been growing in popularity online during 2023. This version of Semaglutide comes in a small glass vial with insulin syringes and Water for Injection so that you can mix the medication yourself at home before administering it.

This form of Semaglutide is NOT produced nor condoned by Novo Nordisk, who are the only license holder for manufacturing & distributing Semaglutide. Therefore, those selling this version of semaglutide are doing so illegally and will not be from a medically qualified background. Regardless of "certificates of authenticity" or "99% Purity" claims, this form of semaglutide is NOT for human consumption and should not be taken.


Anyone selling this form of semaglutide will not be getting it from UK based pharmacies or UK based prescribers - in the bluntest terms, they are most likely shipping it from abroad from unregulated suppliers.

Please see the gallery below for examples of this type of Semaglutide:

Why are these dangerous?

First and foremost - if the product is fake, you do not know what you are injecting into yourself with. You are basically accepting a substance from a stranger with no traceability of what the product is or where it has come from. If it has not been dispensed by a UK registered pharmacy, it should not be in your possession.


An investigation by regulators in Europe, America and the UK have found these fake pens can contain insulin. Taking insulin in this manner can cause a dangerous drop in your blood sugars (hypoglycemia), leading to palpitations, dizziness, confusion, slurred speech and, if untreated, a far worse outcome. Others have reported nausea, vomiting, extreme stomach cramps and have had to seek hospital treatment.

Taking compound, raw or powdered semaglutide can be very dangerous for several reasons:

  • You do not know what the powder actually is

  • It is ILLEGAL to sell compounded / raw / powdered form of Semaglutide. No GPhC pharmacy or registered prescriber in the UK will give you this item. Notoriously, it has been found through sales channels on social media sites and through beauty practitioners / salons

  • Advice on how to take this medication typically comes from social media sites/groups and NOT via someone with medical qualifications.

  • It is labelled "Not Fit for Human Consumption" as it has not been properly manufactured for use in your body.

  • Mixing the powder incorrectly could result in an overdose, leading to adverse effects, extreme side effects or a worse outcome.

How to Report Fake Ozempic / Raw Semaglutide:

The MHRA should be alerted to any suspected fake medications or illegal medications being sold to the general public. You can do this through their Yellow Card Scheme via this link:

If you'd prefer to contact us with any concerns, we can sign post you in the right direction, offer advice or pass the information on for you.

Stay safe,

The Slim Transformation Team

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