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Our Client is Featured in the Daily Mail & YOU Magazine

Here are some extracts from an article in the Daily Mail & their sister magazine, You Magazine, regarding the dangers of buying the SkinnyJab from unregulated providers and even some of the big branded companies who do not always provide adequate aftercare. This article demonstrates why it is so important to do you research before buying from a company - and we always advise potential clients to read as much information as possible on what the jab is, how it works & why they need to be aware of all the information. We want people to have all the information so that they can make an informed decision on whether or not they should apply to use the medication.

After trying two other different places selling the SkinnyJab product, Ciara Lawless had almost given up hope of losing weight. Until she gave us a chance and we are both glad she did.

‘I’ve joined gyms, done Slimming World and Weight Watchers. I had fat-removal surgery, which left me hypersensitive afterwards,’ says the call centre agent from Dublin. ‘I’ve tried treatments where they freeze away your fat, which doesn’t work.’ And despite all the time, money and effort she’s put in, at 5ft 2in and formerly weighing more than 12 1⁄2 stone, Ciara is convinced that the only thing that’s helped her shed more than two stone is a weight-loss injection. But the process hasn’t been without its pitfalls.

Ciara wanted to get back to her wedding dress size

It’s all too easy to purchase weight-loss injections, as Ciara found. Her first experience of buying liraglutide – from a company that charged between £249 and £350 for a month’s supply – did not go well. One company selling weight-loss injections, SkinnyJab, has recently come under fire for using reality stars in its advertising who have claimed that the drug has helped them to lose weight.

‘They’re all about selling,’ she says. ‘They’re not interested in trying to help you. You get your jab in the post, and they tell you that there’s a call centre if you want advice, but I wasn’t shown how to use the jab. I didn’t understand it. I was crying when I got it, thinking I’ve wasted so much money because I don’t know how to use it. And it didn’t help that I was nervous anyway as I’m scared of needles and hadn’t done anything like this before. Trying to get through to them on the phone was very frustrating.

‘They told me to eat only before 1pm each day, to have 800 to 1,000 calories and then nothing else. I would get to the evening and be starving watching my other half eat.

‘I lost 18lb but put about half of it back on after I stopped. It wasn’t manageable or sustainable. I was expecting to get a bit more help, but when I rang and I didn’t want to buy something they weren’t interested in talking to me.’

Ciara then went to someone she’d heard was selling the jab on Facebook – who appeared to be a beautician rather than a nurse. Unlike the first company she approached, where she did at least have a health consultation over the phone, this Facebook beautician – who is currently selling the drug for just £85 – didn’t undertake any checks. ‘I have another friend who had bought it from her,’ says Ciara.

"It just didn't really work. Anything I lost, I gained half of it back". Ciara eventually bought liraglutide from a company that she says has helped her shed more than two stone by providing sustainable diet advice alongside the pens.

Ciara came to us and we are so pleased to have helped her on her weight loss journey. She has also maintained the weight loss since stopping the jab several months ago. We are so proud of her and all of our customers.

So there we have it. The message of this story (and article) is an age old tale - be careful who you buy from. Do your research and ensure you are going to get the support and aftercare you need to not only use the pen to lose weight but to maintain the weight loss once you have stopped using the pen.

Starving yourself whilst using the pen will not work for the long run because once you stop the pen (which suppresses your appetite), there is no way you will manage your daily routine on just 800 calories a day. Your calorie intake will simply increase to what your body actually needs and you will gain the weight back. Sensible meals, portions and a realistic daily calorie intake is what will keep the weight off for the long term.

It has worked for Ciara and many, many others who have come to us following their experiences elsewhere. Our door is always open and a member of our team is always available to help our clients.

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

0330 311 0008

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