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How To Avoid The Daily Graze

Updated: May 13, 2021

The Daily Graze....

Do you snack during the day?

During the day it is easy to get led astray with quick snacks. Whether it's crisps or chocolates in the cupboard or cakes & biscuits at work, it's all too easy to pick something up and pop it into our mouths when we're not even really hungry. Research has shown that we normally graze because the food is simply there - if we are looking for a distraction or if we aren't busy with other tasks, we are 65% more likely to unnecessarily snack.

Other research tends to point towards what is being termed "habit snacking". This occurs where we get into a routine of snacking unnecessarily during the day between our meals.

"Habit snacking can be very hard to break," explains our in-house nutritionist, Natasha. "As humans, we can get into a routine quite easily but those routines can be hard to change or break. Breaking the habit, just for a day, makes it up to 80% easier to end that habit for the long run."

But what about for those who genuinely feel hungry during the day? "For some of us, that habit snacking routine will get your brain and stomach into the routine of wanting food at certain times. Your stomach will tell your brain it is due its snack - your brain will tell you to eat. But your body may not actually be genuinely hungry," explains Natasha.

"However, there are circumstances where we do get hungry during the day. If you find yourself getting hungry at work, it could be that your breakfast or lunch wasn't substantial enough to keep you going until dinner time. This can be fixed with either having a more substantial breakfast, or if we must snack, having healthy small handful-snacls, such as nuts or seeds".

It can be hard to break habits and even harder if we're not sure how to do it. There are small steps you can take to minimise bad snacking. Try swapping the crisps, choccies & cakes for healthier alternatives - mixed seeds (pumpkin, linn seeds, flax seeds etc) and nuts (pine nuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts etc) are what we call "good fats". They are good alternatives to processed snacks high in carbs & bad fats, giving you energy and a feeling of fullness.

One of the benefits of the jab is that it helps reduce your hunger and cravings for snacks. If you're using the jab and starting to get hungry constantly between meals, please visit our Facebook Support Group. you are a current client of ours, then feel free to or give us a call or message. It could be that we need to go through some eating tips with you or you may need a quick review of your current dosage.

But for now, here are some quick, easy & cheap tips to get you through the snacking:

Keep It Out - If you don't keep the food you crave in the house, you can't snack on it. Simples.

Distract yourself with a task - got a cupboard that needs cleaning out or some gardening to do? Food cravings typically last around 20 minutes, so even taking a walk should put you off from your craving.

Chew gum - believe it or not, chewing sugar-free gum gives your mind the impression that you're eating and helps reduce the body's urges for sugary foods.

But I want it! - If you must snack, substitute it for a healthier option such as a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit.

Drink water - Drink a large glass of water (sparkling is preferable as it fills you for longer). This will fill your stomach so your hunger levels are reduced.

Get enough sleep - by getting enough sleep, it will help lower your levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. Lack of sleep can lead to food cravings and overeating. Even a cheeky power-nap will help reduce your cravings.

Remember why you're doing this - when you experience a craving, remember why you are doing this weight loss programme! You're here to lose some weight, to get to your target goal - if you're using the jab, then you've paid good money for this and is it really worth hindering your progress just for a packet of crisps?

Just remember - snacking is common amongst us all - breaking the snacking cycle is tough but with determination and sometimes a little guidance or support, you can make healthier choices.

Don't forget, our FREE Facebook Support Group is available for anyone considering using the jab or using the jab. Get advice from ourselves or from fellow users of the jab who have gone through the process themselves. The group is available through our website link below or by searching SkinnyJab FlabJab on Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

0330 311 0008

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