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How to avoid temptation over Easter

Today is the start of the Easter weekend. Four days away from work and we are surrounded by the temptation of those chocolatey marvels known as Easter eggs. Here are a few ideas to help us avoid the temptation of overindulging, whilst still enjoying the time off.

  1. Be mindful. Ask yourself, is this Easter treat worth it? You have already come so far in your slim-transformation, would the treat be worth it for you? We are not saying cut-out the Easter eggs, but be mindful to how large a portion and how many you have had. It can be very easy to get carried away. Keep a little log to make sure you keep yourself accountable.

  2. Smaller treat portions. Food items such as hot cross buns are very calorie rich. Instead of having a whole one, have half instead. Share the Easter egg around with the family and break it into smaller parts. Think smaller, this will make a big difference!

  3. Eat your protein. Eating protein with each meal will keep you fuller for longer and stop you feeling hunger in between meals. This means you are less likely to want to personally demolish all of the Easter treats in your cupboard.

  4. Have an Easter egg hunt. Make your egg hunt active so everyone is still fitting in some exercise. This is a sneaky way to ensure everyone’s getting their thirty minutes of active time in and it has the potential to be way more fun for the children. Hide eggs in the bushes, trees, around the garden and then let the Easter egg hunt begin. The forecast for the weekend is favourable for outside egg hunting!

  5. Say no at the barbecue. Barbecues are a stable of the British long weekend, however it can be loaded with calorie rich foods and temptation. Avoid the fatty foods and make a dash for the salad. If in doubt, always take your own healthy options which can be shared with family and friends. Also, don't be afraid to say no to those burnt sausages and burgers.

  6. Get outside and be active. The idea of a long weekend off is bliss. However, before you get too relaxed and sink into the sofa, try to spend some time outdoors – even if you need a raincoat! Make the most of it by taking your bike, going for a run or walking and burn off some of those additional calories. Exercise generally makes you less inclined to crave junk food and can be a wonderful shared activity with friends and family.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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