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Healthy Snacks for the Work Day

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

On a busy work day, it is always easy to reach for the sugary biscuity treat when we feel a little peckish. At face value, the biscuit seems fine, however it can cause you to feel sluggish (after the initial sugar rush), leaving you more hungry and it increases your calorie in-take.

Sugary snacks are one of the main causes of weight gain. The sugar causes glucose levels in your blood to spike and plummet. This leads to feeling fatigued, it causes mood swings and even headaches. Recent research has shown that sugar can cause our stress levels to increase because it triggers our body's 'flight or flight' mechanism.

Here are a few suggestions of snacks and foods that can replace that sugary treat. The key is being prepared and organised. Having snacks ready and waiting, will enable you to make those good choices for your slim transformation.

  1. Nuts and dried fruit. An easy snack that can be easily stored at work.

  2. Rice cakes. May sound a little dry, but there are many flavoured options available.

  3. Fruit. May seems obvious, but many people forget how filling and tasty fruit can be. Apples and bananas are a good choice for feeling full.

  4. Yogurt and berries. Prepared in advance, berries covered in yogurt and both tasty and filling.

  5. Hard boiled eggs. Rich in protein, vitamins and very filling.

  6. Popcorn. Surprisingly nutritious and full of fibre, with the added benefit of being low in calories (avoid the sweetened variety).

  7. Carrot sticks and humous. Loaded with fibre and healthy fats, this is a tasty snack.

  8. Low fat veggie crisps. Rich in fibre leaving you feeling full. Choose the baked or dehydrated varieties.

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