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Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

You may or may not know but Vitamin D has a range of benefits. From an improved immune system to an elevated mood, Vitamin D is one of the more elusive vitamins not found in much of our diet. Being in England, we also miss a lot of the main source of Vitamin D - the sunshine! Although we have experienced a very nice & sunny Spring.

There is also a fine line of exceeding your Vitamin D recommend daily allowance. The RDA for Vitamin D is 15mcg, whereas the upper safety level (i.e. the maximum you can safely have a day) is a lot more - 100mcg. Too much Vitamin D can lead to toxicity, something being seen more regularly as people pop a lot of supplements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst there has been mixed reviews of whether or not Vitamin D can help with coronavirus, it is worth noting that as a country, we are lacking in regular Vitamin D exposure, which can impact on our health in other ways. So, we have three quick, easy & cheap tips to try to expose yourself naturally to more Vitamin D without supplements.

Replace some meat with fish

Good fatty fishes such as tuna, salmon & mackerel are some of the best natural sources of Vitamin D. Some portions of salmon can actually give you your whole day's RDA of Vitamin D.

Canned fish (tuna, salmon etc) also have good sources of Vitamin D if you're not a fan of fresh fish.

Have some eggs

Eggs are another great source naturally containing Vitamin D. The Vitamin D is based within the yolk, so ensure you're having the whole egg. You also get a great dose of protein to keep you fuller for longer!

Take a walk during sunny hours

This can be difficult with work, kids or a busy social life. If you're working from home or furloughed at the moment, see if you can include a walk outside during your daily exercise, sticking to social distancing rules of course. Lunchtime can be the best time to go - the sunlight is stronger than the morning sun but not as strong as the afternoon sun. If you feel that you need it, also pop on some SPF cream.

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