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Enjoying Easter whilst managing your Slim Transformation

Easter is a very challenging time for weight management. Sweet temptations at every turn through chocolates, breaded goods and a heavy Easter Sunday lunch.

Here are some ideas to help you with your slim transformation, and still be able to enjoy the treats and fun of Easter.

Eggs for breakfast

No, not those types of eggs!

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein which will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Protein can help to control your appetite so you will be less inclined to reach for all those sweet treats.

Consider these for breakfast:

- Vegetarian Omlette

- Poached or scrambled eggs

- Yogurt with fruit

- Fruit salad


To help with cravings, and to feel fuller, eat a range of snacks during the day. Carrot sticks and apples are slow energy releasers, which will leave you feeling less hunger.

If you are going out, prepare some snacks in advanace and keep them with you. No one would think less of you for having a healthy treat ready!

Easter lunch

If you are planning a family meal for Easter, make it a healthy one. Try recipes such as spring lamb served with couscous and vegetables. There are a wide selection of healthy lamb recipes available online.

With the weather looking delightful for the Easter weekend, take the opportunity to walk your food off with a stroll around the park. The walk will help digestion and burn some extra calories.

Creative ideas

Here are few ideas to make Easter a little more active:

- Have a picnic instead of a traditional Easter lunch

- Plan an Easter egg hunt around the garden or local park

- Have an egg and spoon race

- Go for a walk after your meal

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