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Do 'slimming' teas work?

Building on last week's blog about 'fat loss' pills, here we shall explore whether so-called 'slimming teas' actually work. After all, tea is a staple of the British culture!

Social media is often filled with adverts claiming that you can lose weight by drinking various teas that "detoxify and cleanse" the body. The theory is that the tea stimulates digestion, aids metabolism and, in some cases, rids the body of impurities. However, the body naturally rids itself of toxins, making the tea that claims to do this unnecessary.

There are many types of 'slimming tea' out there and most make the following claims:

  • Suppress appetite

  • Block fat

  • Boost metabolism

The manufacture's theory behind the weight-loss with slimming tea is that the natural ingredients will:

  • Help suppress appetite

  • Help the body release toxins

  • Help burn more calories

Manufacturers tend to focus on the speed of the weight-loss, with immediate weight-loss being observed in some cases. However, most weight-loss that people experience is caused by either loss of water or loss of solid waste through increase drinking of fluids, in other words through the tea.


There is very little evidence that a slimming tea are effective and research has been very limited. It is interesting to note that legal action has been filed against companies who have sold their teas as weight-loss supplements. At least two cases involved companies whose advertising made false claims about the effectiveness of their tea for weight and fat loss. The United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognise any slimming tea as being effective for weight-loss or weight management. in the UK, there is no guidance or advice concerning the effectiveness of weight-loss teas.

Most positive reviews of slimming tea can be found either on sites that sell the product or that promote a naturalist lifestyle. Some point to small studies that have been conducted. However, there is a substantial lack of evidence to support the claims that slimming teas are effective for weight-loss.

As we have previously explored, safe weight-loss can be achieved with the proper combination of exercise and a balanced diet, which does not necessarily include supplements. Tea is a wonderful way to obtain antioxidants and get more fluid into our bodies. However, for weight-loss, the tea will not have very little impact.

Let's enjoy a British cuppa after we've had some exercise and enjoyed a well-balanced meal.


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