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7 ways to be active this summer

It's June and the summer is finally here! With the longer days and the warmer weather (whist we have it), here are 7 ways to get outside and be more active.

  1. Explore Nature: Take advantage of the pleasant weather by exploring the beauty of nature. Go for walks in local park or nature reserves and discover scenic trails. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the outdoors. Many local authorities will list their outdoor spaces on their websites and even give suggested walking routes. A moderate walk for an hour can burn around 300 calories.

  2. Visit the beach: If you're lucky enough to live near a beach or have access to one, it's an excellent place to stay active during the summer months. Swim in the ocean or play beach volleyball with friends, both of which are fantastic full-body workouts. You can also try activities such as snorkelling which provide a unique blend of adventure and exercise. Even a leisurely walk or jog along the shoreline can be a refreshing way to stay active. It all adds to that extra calorie burn.

  3. Outdoor fitness classes: Many fitness studios and trainers offer outdoor classes during the summer. From yoga in the park to boot camps, these classes provide an opportunity to get your heart pumping while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Local authority websites often list outdoor classes and often these are advertised in the parks themselves.

  4. Park Run: Running might not be everyone's first go-to for being active. However, Park Runs are aimed for levels and abilities. There is no expectation to run the entire 5km, it's about joining in and sharing the experience with others. Most parks now have an organised Park Run and it's a great way to meet new people and be active outside. A slow pace runner will burn around 400 calories! Search Park Run to find your local run.

  5. Bike rides: Cycling is an excellent way to explore your surroundings. Hop on a bike and explore bike-friendly trails, bike lanes or scenic routes in your area. You can go solo, ride with friends or even join cycling groups for added motivation and social interaction. Biking is not only a great workout but also an eco-friendly mode of transportation and will typically burn around 200 calories for a 30 minute ride. Maybe, ditch the car once a week and cycle to the office.

  6. Picnic games: Having a picnic is always fun and you can make it more active by adding classic games such as tag, Frisbee, or badminton can be a lot of fun while keeping you active. These games not only provide physical exercise but also foster social connections and create lasting memories. Just remember to bring a healthy picnic with lots of fruit and vegetables.

  7. Gardening: Gardening activities can be surprisingly effective in keeping you active. Planting, mowing the lawn or weeding can provide a full-body workout. These activities not only help you burn around 300 calories an hour, but also allow you to beautify your surroundings and reap the rewards of your efforts. Why not grow some of your own fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes?

Let's embrace the summer and get outside!

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