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5 ways to avoid over-eating your Christmas dinner

With Christmas-Eve finally here, so is the worry about over-indulging on your Christmas dinner. Here are five ways to avoid that over-indulgence, whist still ensuring you have a wonderful day.

  1. Focus on eating your protein. Proteins naturally make you feel fuller sooner, especially when combined with whole vegetables such as broccoli, parsnips and sweet potato. Load-up on the lean meat and pile up on the vegetables.

  2. Avoid the roast potatoes. Try to steer clear of the oil soaked roast potatoes. These may taste wonderful, but they will be loaded with extra calories. A average portion will contain over 300 calories!

  3. Serve yourself. Serving yourself can ensure you have a smaller portion and help you load up on the extra vegetables whilst avoiding the roast potatoes.

  4. Engage in conversation. Talking will enable you to slow your eating and distract you from over-indulging. It takes twenty minutes for the stomach to register that it is full. Slowing your eating will allow time for your stomach to signal that it is full.

  5. Don't eat to please others. We all have that pushy relative who likes to feed us and ensure that we have had our fill. Don't feel obligated to continue eating but politely decline. Where possible, get support from others to 'back you up'!

Do enjoy yourself with your family and friends, but be mindful of what you are eating. Whenever possible, try to get moving with a light stroll or walk. Encouraging others to join you will make it a fun activity to share after a hearty meal.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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