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4 ways to get you active in the winter

During the winter months, particularly after Christmas, finding the motivation and time to do exercise can be challenging. Here are some simple ideas for exercises you could do to help support your slim transformation.


Skipping might inspire you to workout when you’re feeling unmotivated to go outside during the winter. Start by jumping a rope every day for 5 minutes at first. Take it up to 10, 15, and finally 20 minutes per day. Skipping at home is a great exercise to burn calories and decrease weight, since it works practically all of your body’s muscles, it actually constitutes as a full-body workout. If you have children, challenge them to skip with you!

Jump squats

The most popular squat type for weight loss is the jumping squat. This is because it serves a dual purpose. First aids in increasing strength and endurance. Additionally, it also promotes weight loss.

You must enter a half squat position with your legs shoulder-width apart to complete this workout. Make sure your butt is out and your back is straight. Next, hop a short distance forward before landing back in the squat position. Ensure you bend your knees when landing.

This can be done at home and even in front of the TV. If you have children, encourage them to join in and challenge how many you can do within a five-minute period.

Stair climbing

Climbing stairs helps to engage the core muscles. It also supports the body’s flexibility, coordination and balance. Those who climb stairs regularly burn calories. If you tend to use lifts, switch this for stair climbing. Even at a slow pace, you will burn more calories and become stronger and fitter as a result.

Winter walking

Walking is a great exercise and can be shared experience with family or friends. In winter, the days are colder which has the potential of burning additional calories. The most important aspect of going outside for a walk is seeing that precious sunlight. Sadly, winter sun is not strong enough to support your body with making vitamin D, but studies have shown that it still lifts your mood and encourages good mental well-being. A gentle thirty minute walk can burn up to 250 calories.

What is key to remember is that any form of sustained movement or exercise will burn calories and support your sim transformation. Let's get moving during these wintery days.

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