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General Advice for Weight Loss

The key principles of a medical weight loss programme include advice & support. In this section, you can find answers to some of the most common questions asked about weight loss and using Saxenda or Ozempic to help aid weight loss. We also look at important factors to consider and take into account when using a medicated weight loss programme.

Our articles have been written in-house, using information from evidence-based research. Where possible, we will always link back to our sources so you can see the results for yourselves.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Timing of food & your weight


Does Weight Loss Plateau?

Patient on Scale

Will my weight loss be permanent?

Cream Cocktail

Alcohol... can I still drink it?


Portion Sizes & My Weight

Checking Weight

What constitutes a healthy weight loss?

acid reflux.jpg

Acid Reflux & Semaglutide


Does the jab affect your sleep?

diet drinks.jpg

Diet Soft Drinks & Weight Gain / Loss

A5 Weight Loss Tips.jpg

Tips for changing habits when using medication


Leptin Resistance and Your Weight


Sulphur Burps & Semaglutide

Stressed Woman

Can stress affect my weight?

woman asleep.jpg

Can your sleep pattern affect your weight?

Scientist in the Lab

What is medicated weight loss?

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