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Slimcare Medical

We have received a lot of emails and phone calls from concerned customers of Slimcare Medical, formerly known as SkinnyJab.

Please note that we are not affiliated with them and we do not work directly or indirectly with them. We are therefore unable to fulfil their orders or get any in-depth answers as to what has happened. We are not affiliated with Caroline Jane Balazs (the lead nurse & owner).

What has happened to Slimcare Medical?

As far as we can gather, Slimcare Medical has ceased trading, for whatever reason. Their website has been taken down, as has their Instagram page. They are still active on Companies House but, according to you all, no one is answering their emails or phone calls.

There review page has more information from customers who have not received their products but have paid up front for them:

Slimcare Medical TrustPilot


What can I do?

As a consumer, you have certain rights when you entered into a contract by paying for goods or services with Slimcare Medical. The Government website has more useful information:

Consumer Protection Rights


If you have already paid for an order but received no products, you can contact your bank to request a 'chargeback' or report the transaction as a fraudulent transaction or scam. If you paid by credit card, you can contact your card supplier and inform them that the transaction has been made under false pretences and that, essentially, you were 'scammed' by the provider, Slimcare Medical.

It may be also worthwhile contacting the pharmacy that normally provides the medication to you from Slimcare Medical. We do not have that information but it should be available on the products or packaging you have received.

Can I order through you?


We do offer the same products as Slimcare Medical, however our programme is more holistically focused on healthy eating, getting into a healthy mindset and regular check-ins whilst using the medication.

We will price match any orders you have paid for with Slimcare Medical, and all our orders are processed by PayPal. This means, even if you do not have a PayPal account & you pay as a Guest, you are fully covered by PayPal Buyer Protection should any discrepancies ever arise.

Please see our Consultation Page if you would like to consider ordering from us.

Updated: December 2021

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