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Our programme...

So why choose us? Our team specialise in nutrition, personal training, pharmaceuticals & emotional wellbeing... plus, we've used the medications, so we know they work!

Welcome to Slim Transformation!

Members of our team have struggled with weight from childhood into adulthood. We've seen the diet fads come & go. We've seen the other medications that simply do not work. So when a medication appeared that can genuinely help to change your lifestyle and assist you to lose weight, we decided to start our own Weight Loss Programme using a combination of medication, diet & exercise! Our ethos is to use the medication to promote a healthier lifestyle to help you lose weight & keep it off in the long run!


We are an independent, specialised UK-based team. We offer nutritional advice, exercise advice and aftercare support to make sure you get the best results. This is about lifestyle change for the long run rather than a quick-fix that only gives short term results - your success is our success!

Please have a look around our website to see what we offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. We're always happy to chat!

The Slim Transformation Team


What are we all about?


We offer medicated weight loss treatments, overseen by our in-house team. This is the first step to get you going with your weight loss .


Eating a balanced diet with sensible portions is key to weight loss. That's why we provide nutritional support, meal plans and access to over 200 recipes & articles.


Regular exercise, at any level, is great for weight loss and keeping your mind & body healthy. Our exercise programmes will help you achieve this at home.


Losing weight is not an easy journey! We offer lots of support materials, including progress tracking, educational articles, top tips, email check ins & more!


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We offer a simple process...


Choose an online or telephone consultation to discuss the options.


Your health form is screened to check your suitability.


Secure online payment & special delivery with tracking information.

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