The Jabs

Is this the SkinnyJab?


In short, yes. This is the commonly referred to "SkinnyJab" in newspapers, articles & by online pharmacies, though we do not own the trademarked brand name. We also prefer a more holistic approach, using the medication as an adjunct to healthier eating and light exercise, not as a "miracle cure".


We have two qualified nutritionists and a personal trainer on the team. We also have trained advisors to offer professional exercise advice, a pharmacist to oversee our prescriptions.


We're not about the hard sales; we are about your weight loss journey in a safe & well-controlled method. Liraglutide. Semaglutide. Tirzepatide. All are becoming game-changers in the weight loss medical realm.

Do you offer the weekly jab?

Yes we do. After careful consideration and following the current clinical trials and various other studies closely, we have taken the decision to offer consultations for the latest weekly jab and daily tablet. We must be clear with you - it is NOT licensed for weight loss at the moment in the UK (it has just been licensed as Wegovy for weightloss in the USA). You may have seen the progress reported in the news in February 2021 regarding Semaglutide. Please see the Daily and Weekly SkinnyJab pages for the differences.


How do they work?

Produced by Novo Nordisk, the medication mimics a natural hormone already found in your body (GLP-1). It works in three key ways to reduce your appetite.


  1. It blocks a key hunger hormone telling your brain that you are hungry, whilst also helping to reduce leptin resistance (a hormone which can affect your metabolism & weight). This also helps stop the weight from coming straight back on when you stop the jab.

  2. It slows down the gastric emptying process, meaning that your body takes longer to process food and it is fuller for longer. This means your body does not need as much intake as normal as it works off the food it has.

  3. The medication helps to speed up your metabolism and increase fat burning by reducing glucogen & reducing insulin resistance. This promotes normal blood glucose levels, the liver metabolism of glucose and helps adipose tissue burn fat in a safe and controlled method without causing a sugar-crash. This avoids the urges for quick-fix sugary foods.


This all helps to reduce the risk of the so-called "starvation mode" and other side effects like ketoacidosis, as you will be burning off a mixture of stored carbs & fats.


Unlike fad diets which tend to starve the body when it's shouting out for food, the medication reduces your body's desire to get more food, which makes it easier to make healthier choices and to reduce calories. It also stops leptin levels from rising due to "starvation". Low leptin levels can cause increased hunger & a slower metabolism!


This means that when you stop using the medication, the body isn't desperate for sustenance and therefore, you won't suddenly begin storing fat and gain all the weight back. Ironically, it's a more natural way to lose the weight and keep it off.

For further clinical information & data, please see the Novo Nordisk website.

What is included with the programmes?

For all of our programmes, we include a range of aftercare & support for you:


  • Your health screening & consultation

  • Needles, if you choose one of the injection programmes

  • Aftercare literature, including side effects, how to deal with side effects, how to take measurements, top tips for weight loss etc

  • Free special delivery with tracking information from a UK regulated pharmacy

  • Dietary & nutritional advice from our in-house qualified nutritionists

  • Our 4 week meal plan, plus our 4 week Metabolism Reset meal plan

  • Exercise Crib Sheet for basic home exercises

  • Access to our Facebook Support Group

  • Regular email check-ins from our team to ensure you are getting the best possible results

  • You can request unlimited check-ins with our team if you need any advice or guidance

Plus you get access to our Members Area, which includes:

  • Progress tracking - keep an eye on your weight, waist measurements & BMI

  • Track your daily calories - you can input & see your daily calorie intake from food & fluids

  • Access to over 200 recipes, healthy food swaps & healthy food tips

  • Access to the medication information, demo videos & aftercare literature

  • Online Exercise Programmes - access our home workouts with no need for expensive equipment

  • Request a review of your progress

  • Order repeat products if you wish to continue the programme

How much can I expect to lose?


The average weight loss per person is always different. Clinical trials for all 3 types of the medication have shown a range of weight loss between 8lbs and 19lbs.


In the latest Semaglutide study released in February 2021, 75% of participants lost 10% of their body weight. During clinical trials for Liraglutide, 80% of those who used Saxenda kept the weight for over a year.


The key is not to compare yourself to others losing weight - focus on yourself, your goals and your progress. Every person is different.

How do I start the programme?


This is a prescription-only medication and it must be prescribed following a health screening to ensure your safety & suitability.  There are three simple steps.


  1. Enquire: you can submit your contact details via our Book a Consultation page to show your interest.

  2. Health Screening: if you are happy to, you can proceed straight away to book a telephone consultation or you can fill out our new online e-consultation form.

  3. Make an informed choice: if you are happy with all the information provided and you wish to go ahead, you can make payment or await an invoice sent to your email address.


If you have opted for a telephone consultation, we will assess your medical history, explore your eating habits & exercise levels, and look at your goals. We also explore your reasoning behind wanting to use medication to help you lose weight.

Our pharmacy will then screen your health form to ensure your suitability. We will inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.

We will invoice you via a secure payment provider so you can pay securely online. If payment is received before 1pm, we will aim to get your order dispatched for next working day delivery or on the nearest delivery day you have opted for.


Our delivery schedule is currently up to 3 working days

due to the recent increase in demand. Thank you

for your patience.

Who are the jabs suitable for?

The programme is suitable for the vast majority of people. Our team will assess you on an individual basis.


The medication can be used for those who are overweight but our clinicians take into account a range of factors to ensure this is the right move for you.

We look at several factors to ensure suitability, including:

  • Your BMI

  • Your medical history

  • Your current medication

  • Body measurements

  • Current diet & eating habits

  • Current exercise levels

  • Other methods you have already tried

  • and more


The programme is NOT suitable for:


  • Under 18's or Over 75's

  • Ladies who are breastfeeding or pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant.

  • Anyone who has had pancreatitis or thyroid tumours

  • Anyone with a history or direct family history of MEN2

  • Type 1 diabetics or patients taking diabetic medication

  • Renal (kidney) or liver disease

  • Anyone with heart failure


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