Update on the Weekly SkinnyJab

A warm welcome to our new FlabJab SkinnyJab users! Since we have launched the new weekly FlabJab Skinnyjab, we have received a lot of enquiries and customers (old & new) who want the new weekly jab.

So, this is just a quick update to clarify a few key points on the weekly jab.

What is it & how does it work?

The new weekly jab is Semaglutide, aka Ozempic. It is manufactured by the same pharmaceutical giant who manufactures Saxenda - Novo Nordisk.

Just like Saxenda, it is a 4 week course of weekly injections via the pre-loaded injectable pen. You can either choose to end the course after Week 4, or you can continue with 2 or 4 weekly pens.

Much like Saxenda, Ozempic works in 3 key ways;

  1. It slows down the food leaving your stomach;

  2. It helps to reduce the amount of sugar released from your liver; and

  3. When your blood sugar is high, it increases the amount of insulin released from your pancreas to restore a balanced blood sugar, effectively reducing your cravings for sugary foods & carbs.

Ozempic also helps reduce the blood's HbA1c, a key factor in the development of Type II diabetes. It does this by stimulating the body's own insulin production, reducing the appetite and eradicating sugary cravings.

So why try the weekly?

The SUSTAIN clinical trials by Novo Nordisk have shown that this new weekly jab outperforms other currently available weekly jabs in the UK, not just in weight loss but also in blood sugar control and cardiovascular benefits. Further studies and trials from across 18 countries have shown that Ozempic provides substantial and sustainable weight loss.

It is currently prescribed off-license & off-label, which is why we must conduct a face-to-face consultation (in clinic or online) to assess your suitability for Ozempic and to ensure you will take well to it. It is also advisable for you to have tried Saxenda previously - generally those who have tolerated Saxenda well take to Ozempic very well.

We have also had several customers who have tolerated Ozempic better than Saxenda. So far we have had very positive feedback from our clients who have used Ozempic:

What's the price?

There are two current prices:

Your first Ozempic Pen - £295 (Special Promo Price until Christmas 2019)

1 x Repeat Ozempic Pen - £250

2 x Repeat Ozempic Pens - £450

For the price of the FlabJab Plus, you'll get:

  • Your medical consultation & health screening to ensure suitability

  • Your 4 week course of weekly injections via 1 injectable pen + 4 needles

  • Dietary advice from our qualified nutritionists

  • Exercise advice from our in-house Personal Trainer

  • Aftercare information booklet

  • 24/7 aftercare with our trained & qualified nurses who have over 15 years experience with the NHS & the private sector, including their work mobile numbers to call anytime.

  • Access to our exclusive Members Zone, which is growing by the day with new recipes, tips, healthy swaps, exercise advice & articles being posted every week.

  • Optional FREE anti-emetic whilst you adjust to the medication during Week 1

We have exceptionally competitive prices for the FlabJab Plus and we offer a full package. We have heard several times "I can get it for cheaper through an online pharmacy".

Yes, that is true. However, when you buy from an online pharmacy you are literally only buying the product, as if you've bought a medication from a pharmacy on the high street. There will be no holistic aftercare to go hand-in-hand with the medication; there will be no advice, no dietary guidelines and you won't have a dedicated nursing team available to help you.

Members of our team have tried this medication to see how it works and how it effects them - we literally know what you're about to go through which enables us to help you maximise your weight loss potential.

Let us help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose the weight in a fast yet effective & sustainable way.

If you're interested or would like more information, give us a call or email, or contact your assigned nurse via their work mobile. Alternative, contact us via our website below.


The Slim Transformation Team

0330 311 0008



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