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Happy Humpday people!

Just a quick email to let everyone know that we are running a Lockdown Sale on the SkinnyJab / FlabJab programmes that we offer for both new & returning customers.

We realise times are tough for a lot of people & we have received a lot of messages from people regarding prices & aftercare concerns about other companies. So we want to do something positive to reassure people. We want to offer the programmes for as cheap as possible, ensure you get advice from qualified people & ensure you receive good aftercare.

We are also uploading daily tips on instagram, regular home-based exercises & new workout videos will be available next week on our Members Area.

We hope you are all staying safe & well during this pandemic. Stay strong. We will get through this.

Daily Jab Initial - Was £210, Now £180

Daily Jab Repeat x 1 - Was £175, now £130

Daily Jab Repeat x 2 - Was £275, now £230

Daily Jab Repeat x 3 - Was £375, now £330

Weekly Jab Initial - Was £295, Now £275

Check out instagram for daily tips, quick recipes & home exercise videos:

Any questions, please give us a shout.

To order online, visit our order page on:

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