Last Few Days of the Lockdown Sale!

The final few days of our LOCKDOWN SALE have arrived as our clinics begin to reopen from the 1st August! Running up until midnight on 31st July 2020, the reduced prices are almost over. Times have been tough for a lot of people & we have appreciated your custom and interest in the Daily & Weekly Jab! We have received a lot of positive messages from people during lockdown, and we have enjoyed hearing from those who have seen their weight loss journey really take effect!

The Lockdown Sale has been running for over 3 months!

We are proud to offer our jab alongside a comprehensive programme to ensure you get advice from qualified people & to ensure that you receive good aftercare. We also continue to upload daily tips on Instagram, regular home-based exercises & recipes on our Members Area, and support people via our Facebook Support Group.

In case you were wondering, either jab works in the same way:

  1. It slows down gastric emptying, so you are fuller for longer.

  2. It reduces the hunger signals sent from your stomach to your brain so that your body is genuinely not as hungry.

  3. It helps regulate your insulin levels so your body produces just the right amount to break down carbs & sugars effectively without causing a sugar crash, therefore getting rid of those cravings for bad sugary foods/drinks.

And for the price, you get the following included as part of our programme:

  • Your medical consultation & health screening to ensure suitability

  • Your 3 to 4 week course of injections via 1 injectable pen + needles

  • Dietary advice from our qualified nutritionists

  • 8 Weeks of Meal Plans complete with recipes

  • Exercise advice from our in-house Personal Trainer

  • Aftercare information booklet

  • Unlimited access to aftercare with a named nurse

  • Access to our online Members Zone, which is growing by the day with new recipes, tips, healthy swaps & exercise advice.

  • Access to our Facebook Support Group for advice or to share your own tips


Lockdown Sale Prices:

Daily Jab Initial - Was £210, Now £180

Daily Jab Repeat x 1 - Was £175, Now £130

Daily Jab Repeat x 2 - Was £275, Now £230

Daily Jab Repeat x 3 - Was £375, Now £330

Weekly Jab Initial - Was £295, Now £275

We pride ourselves on not just selling you a quick-fix jab. This is a lifestyle change - some people need the jab to help kickstart their weight loss, with diet & exercise playing a crucial role to losing the weight and keeping it off. We want you to do well - we want you to lose the weight and keep it off - as easily as possible!

And remember - the lockdown sale ends in 4 days time at the end of 31st July 2020!

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

0330 311 0008

Check out our Instagram for promotions, daily tips, quick recipes & home exercise videos:

Please note this is a discount from the overall program price, not the specific prescription-only medication.

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