Introducing the SkinnyTab!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We have some very exiting news!

Not a fan of injecting but want the reuslts of the SkinnyJab? Then this is the answer for you! After several years of clinical research, the pharmaceutical company behind the daily & weekly jab have finally transformed the weekly jab into a tablet!

Exclusively available, the SkinnyTab is the FIRST tablet of its kind! This isn't like any other previous weight loss pill or tablet that acts as just a quick fix - this is the first genuine tablet form of Ozempic, acting as the first GLP-1 RA tablet available on the market, doing the exact same job as the weekly jab but without the need to inject!

We are pleased to announce a partnership with SkinnyTab, the first company in the UK & Europe to offer the tablet alongside an exercise & nutritional programme. We will source the tablet directly from the manufacturer, so you know the product you're getting is 100% genuine!

Members of our team have tried it themselves first because we want to know that it really works and it does!

"My appetite was suppressed within a few days and I've noticed it has had the exact same impact on my hunger as the daily and weekly jabs"

- Louise, Clinical Advisor.


Rybelsus is the tablet form of Semaglutide, the exact same active ingredient found in the weekly jab (Ozempic). It works by increasing your satiety (which tells your brain that you are full and can be satisfied with smaller portions), it slows down your gastric emptying to keep you physically fuller for longer, and it regulates the breakdown of carbs & sugars in an effective way so that you do not get a sugar-crash and crave carbs or sugars. Just like the jabs!


The medication itself, semaglutide, is safe & effective for the treatment and remission of diabetes and pre-diabetics. Semaglutide is currently in the third & final phase of clinical trials for weight loss, which means it has proven safe and effective during the two previous phases for weight loss for non-diabetics. This means it is not yet licensed for weight loss but is available on the market due to it’s safety & efficacy. It can be prescribed of-license if you are safe & suitable to take it. This must be decided by someone who is medically qualified and experienced in weight loss management (oh, hello there!).


Although this medication is the exact same as the weekly jab, due to how our body processes oral tablets, it has been created as a daily tablet to ensure enough of the medication stays in your system.

Dosing being decided by one of our experienced medical clinicians. You take the tablet once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, around 30 minutes before you’re due to eat any food.


Each course of tablets last for 30 days. We have 3 doses available, as with Ozempic. You will have the same dose for the 30 day course, unless otherwise directed by the clinician.


Absolutely! As with our other programmes, you wil receive full & unlimited aftercare. We will include meal plans, exercise programmes and a named nurse to keep in touch with whilst you are with us.

We will regularly review & assess you to ensure you are geting the most out of the tablets in a safe & sustainable way.


We have an introductory special offer price for the SkinnyTab for NEW and CURRENT clients until Black Friday ends. As with our jabs, the price becomes cheaper for repeat clients who we have set up an account with through our pharmacy.

  • Initial Course (30 Days Worth) - £240 (Usually £250)

  • Repeat Course (30 Days Worth) - £220 (Usually £250)

If you're not keen on the jab, you can try the tab! This is a great alternative to the weekly jab and the next step up for those on the daily jab without the need to inject yourself!

The tablets are discreet and can be stored anywhere you wish. We also give you the same full dietary & exercise programme as the jabs, alongside our unlimited aftercare and FREE delivery!

If you have any queries or are interested in more information, please contact us directly. Apart from SkinnyTab, we are the only other official provider of this medication. It must be prescribed from a UK registered medical professional.

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

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