Gemma Collins: Weight Loss & Weight Gain

The news has recirculated that The GC's 3 stone weight loss is down to the "Flab Jab" aka SkinnyJab aka SlimJab aka Saxenda. This is the very same injection we use to treat our clients, with fantastic results and positive feedback.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain last week, and soon to be aired on her new Diva TV show, Gemma Collins explained that she lost an incredible 3 stone whilst taking the medication.

The GC has lost 3 stone with Saxenda

However, The GC also let slip that she broke the rules by getting McDonald's breakfasts and Greggs for lunch. Add on top of that, with an 8 week break from SkinnyJab and a binge-fest on holiday, she has gained a stone back.

It just shows that it is easy for any of us to slip back into old habits, which is why our Wellbeing Coach is working on a new Old Habits Die Hard section for our Aftercare.

The GC has gained ONE stone back

So whilst unfortunately the weight can come back if you simply take the jab and continue to eat unhealthy food, drink copious amounts of alcohol or get ill-advised on the right foods to eat, you can maximise the benefits of Saxenda with the right advice from people who are professionally trained & registered in nutrition and personal training.

That is why we employ two nutritionists and a personal trainer to work alongside our medically qualified staff to ensure you receive the best, up-to-date advice on how to truly maximise the weightloss from using Saxenda.

We also now have our exclusive Members Zone which is a growing database of recipes, healthy swaps & exercise tips, all of which can enable you to truly get the best use of your Saxenda pen.

There is no shame in using Saxenda to help kickstart your weight loss journey - if it works for you and you feel more positive on yourself, then it is worth every penny. Whilst this is not a magic wand, Saxenda is definitely a catalyst for losing weight quickly & safely. The key for longer term sustainability is a good balanced diet & light exercise. The SkinnyJab gives you that kickstarter boost to lose weight, allowing people to begin a healthier lifestyle.

That is why we conduct a full medical assessment of patients before commencing onto the SkinnyJab to ensure suitability. Our consultations are non-judgemental whilst we also provide you with the aftercare and qualified advice necessary to achieve long-term weight loss.

It's easy to fall back into old habits

Once your target weight is reached, the SkinnyJab can be stopped, with the weightloss being maintained through natural means - as The GC has shown, by overindulging in high fat & high carb foods (Greggs, McDonalds, takeaways, alcohol etc), you can force the weight back on but it doesn't have to come back unless you bring it back on - it is easy to fall back into old habits & start indulging in the tasty yet oh so bad foods.

If you follow our professionals' advice, you can lose the weight and keep it off by following a few very simple steps, all of which are included in our Long Term, Maintenance Plan.

Clinical studies, research and patient testimonies show that this injection does indeed work - check out for yourself how many of our clients are sending in positive reviews here - Customer Reviews.

Check out our website if you would like more info:

Or if you'd like to join our Members Zone, click the link below & sign up with your email address:

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

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