Gemma Collins SkinnyJab Controversy Update

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

You may have seen the controversial Instagram post by Gemma Collins being paid to promote the SkinnyJab brand. Her post has garnered over 3000 comments with the vast majority expressing shock, disgust, shame and dismay at the paid promotion to advertise an injection that acts as a miracle weight loss product. The negative backlash has even spilled onto the SkinnyJab Instagram page, with people accusing the company of removing their comments and blocking them from their account to cover up the negative backlash.

The GC had also incorrectly stated on her Instagram stories that the medication works by stopping her insulin from turning into sugar and fat. This is wholly incorrect and medically inaccurate. It has, inevitably, gained a lot of negative attention from the fitness & nutrition industry, medically qualified healthcare professionals, celebrities, the GC’s followers and even some of the tabloids.

We have always been open, honest and fully transparent with what the medication actually is, how it works and why we use it as part of our programme. We DO NOT condone SkinnyJab’s representation of the medication and we DO NOT condone celebrities being paid money to advertise a prescription only medication (which is illegal to advertise in that manner by the way). It is illegal and highly unethical.

We are well aware of the aversion to this medication by the fitness industry – the fitness industry has always been highly sceptical of anything medical aiding weightloss. Unfortunately, and it is fair to say, the stigma is well earnt – there have been a plethora of poor products, bad practices and unethical methods by people & companies over the years.

Liraglutide is the FIRST injectable medication which has been approved by the MHRA & NICE for WEIGHT LOSS. We like to be clear – this product was once a diabetic only medication under a different brand name (Victoza), however, clinical trials showed the effectiveness of liraglutide for weight loss and so it was trialled and re-branded as Saxenda specifically for WEIGHT LOSS. It is therefore well within the legal rights of medical professionals to prescribe it solely for weight loss providing they fully screen the patient and ensure they meet the strict criteria for using the medication – it has been prescribed by doctors, nurses and pharmacists since it was licensed for weight loss in January 2017, with the drug having been used in diabetes since 2009.

We only use Saxenda as a SHORT TERM kickstarter for overweight & obese clients who have exhausted all other measures (excluding gastric band surgery – that is a last resort even after saxenda!). It is not a miracle cure or miracle weight loss product; it is not a quick fix jab to melt the weight away as some claim. It is far from it! It MUST be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and light exercise to achieve sustainable weight loss.

The jab is the initial boost some people need to enable them to make healthier choices because it reduces your body’s desire for big portions, carbs & sugary foods. It is also the kickstarter certain people need to enable them to be able to exercise again – it helps those who are currently unable to exercise fully due to excess weight by reducing their weight down to a reasonable level so they can exercise and continue the weight loss without the jab.

That is why our team includes two qualified nutritionists, a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and several NHS nurses. We know that to effectively and safely lose weight and keep the weight off, it requires hard work, determination and a holistic approach of diet and exercise. We know the jab sounds terrible on paper – using the word Skinny in the title itself preys on that body image vulnerability felt by men and women alike. That is why we focus on the title “Transformation”.

We send 8 weeks’ worth of meal plans, an exercise crib sheet and we regularly follow up our clients every week to ensure they are A) remaining safe whilst using the jab, B) they are able to eat healthy, varied meals a day and get the calorie intake they require, C) they are seeing reasonable results and D) they have the opportunity to discuss any queries with our team.

We have always adapted to try to offer the best care and service to our clients and even the clients of other companies. We offer a free-for-all Facebook Support Group because of the amount of messages we have received from people using the jab elsewhere who have gotten poor aftercare and poor dietary advice (one example is a company telling people to eat only 800 calories a day and starve themselves from 1pm until 8am). We offer an online recipe database for our clients to ensure they get wholesome, healthy recipes to use whilst using the jab. We also offer unlimited aftercare for our clients, with direct contact numbers for a named-nutritionist and a named-nurse.

We also understand diet trends and medicated aided weight loss can cause the concern for yo-yo dieting - our dietary plans are used during the jab to ensure a healthy calorie deficit and AND after they stop using the the jab to maintain the weight loss.

We are alarmingly now getting a lot of messages from people with healthy BMIs asking for the jab because they have seen it advertised by Kerry Katona and Gemma Collins. We of course have to say no to these requests as it simply is not safe for people with a healthy BMI and it is not necessary for them to use the medication. Likewise there are conditions or circumstances where people are NOT suitable for the medication and we are governed by law to ensure we uphold those exclusions.

Please believe us when we say this is NOT a scam. Like any medication, it comes with benefits, potential risks and potential side effects. As a company, we are obliged morally, ethically and legally to explain all of these to potential clients (yes, even the study on rats!) and ensure they are fully informed before making a decision. We do not pressurise people for a quick sale and we actively tell people to research the medication online.

We also do not give fake assertions like “we can reverse diabetes”, “this will help you lose lots of weight and you’ll always keep it off” or “it’s a miracle jab that takes the weight away”, neither do we use a variety of Shutterstock images to showcase our service and we do not advocate unhealthy eating regimes to fast-track weightloss. We never 100% guarantee weightloss and our FAQ page on our website is the most thorough available from any of the companies selling the jab. We like our clients to be fully informed BEFORE they decide whether or not to go ahead.

The medication, if used correctly and responsibly, can aid in genuine weight loss and the diet/exercise side of the programme is what can maintain the weight loss. It is just a shame that SkinnyJab, Gemma Collins & Kerry Katona are systematically destroying the reputation of what is potentially an effective method to initially kickstart someone’s weight loss journey. They are tarnishing its name and unfortunately, now everyone selling Saxenda is getting tarred with the same brush.

We have received hateful messages via Instagram, Facebook & YouTube which is highly unfair to our team – please please please hear us - we are NOT the same as SkinnyJab and pride ourselves on offering a sustainable, holistic programme to help people lose weight safely and in a sustainable manner. Not everyone who sells this medication does so irresponsibly.

Thanks for reading this essay,

The Slim Transformation Team

If you would like a chat about the medication or about the service we offer and why we offer it, please contact us via email:

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