Gemma Collins Loses 3 Stone With Saxenda… but does it work?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

It has been revealed in the past week that Gemma Collins has lost the majority of her weight due to using Saxenda (aka the SkinnyJab) alongside a personal trainer's watchful eye for diet & exercise.

She has lost an amazing 3 stone in 3 months but there are now questions as to the efficacy of using saxenda for weight loss. Doctors, personal trainers & nutritionists are questioning whether or not Saxenda is worthwhile.

"It is true that there is no permanent quick fix for weight loss, however there is a fast track method of losing weight with the aid of Saxenda" says our in-house nutritionist, Natasha.

Having been around for 10 years (2009), the original medication was for diabetic patients and there was a noticeable loss of weight for these patients. After clinical trials and research by the manufacturer (Novo-Nordisk), the drug was rebranded and licensed for weight-loss in January 2017 as Saxenda, the medication used in the SkinnyJab plan.

It is the only licensed weight loss injection in the UK & the EU, meaning that other injections such as once a week or once a month injections are not suitable or licensed for weight loss - they have not yet completed clinical trials for the safety & outcomes of using the medication as a weight loss drug.

"If it is not Saxenda, it is NOT meant for weight loss" confirms our Lead Medical Clinician, Andrew. "It is very important that people are aware of what is legal and safe to use for weight loss and what is not. Public awareness is key for good, safe and ethical practice."

And whilst there is no permanent quick fix, Saxenda is definitely a catalyst for losing weight quickly & safely but the key for longer term sustainability is a good balanced diet & light exercise. The SkinnyJab is like that first coffee to wake you up in the morning, allowing you to have a more productive day. The SkinnyJab gives you that kickstarter boost to lose weight, allowing people to begin a healthier lifestyle. Once this is adopted, the SkinnyJab can be stopped, with the weightloss being maintained through natural means.

That is why we recommend using the Saxenda SkinnyJab as a short term aid. It is also why we conduct a full medical assessment of patients before commencing onto the SkinnyJab to ensure suitability and awareness of what it is, how it works and what your expectations should be. The consultation is non-judgemental and aims to allow you to be open & honest about your weight.

Things are constantly evolving for weight loss, so at Slim Transformation we aim to keep up to date with the latest weight loss techniques. That is why we now have not just one but two in-house qualified nutritionists, who provide expert dietary & nutritional advice.

Over the past 3 months, they have really helped us improve the SkinnyJab dietary plan to really push the weight loss limits, allowing us to create a growing database of quick, healthy & affordable recipes on our website.

Furthermore, we have an in-house qualified personal trainer who writes up our exercise tips and programmes to really help burn off those extra fat stores. All together, it can really help to get that beach body or to just lose a few of those extra pounds.

There is no shame in using Saxenda to help kickstart your weight loss journey - if it works for you and you feel more positive on yourself, then it is worth every penny.

Clinical studies, research and patient testimonies show that this injection does indeed work - just see how many of our clients are sending in positive reviews. This is not a quick fix or fad diet or false wave of weight loss medication - it has been around for 10 years and it will continue to be around for the future, with us helping people to utilise it for the best possible result.

Check out the website if you would like more info:

If you are a previous or current client, we would love to hear an update from you on how you feel about your current weight.

Thanks for reading,

The Slim Transformation Team

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