A Familiar Tale...

"I was working days, some nights and most weekends. Work was consuming my life - which meant I forgot to move; I was too busy to exercise and instead of dealing with it, I took the easy way out - every time I wanted dinner, I got something quick and convenient. If I went up a size, I just purchased some new clothes" - John Ball, Slim Transformation Client.

Does this sound familiar to you? Studies have shown that modern day living can act as a barrier to exercise and healthy eating.

"With a mixture of long hours, shift work, fast paced lifestyles and a general increase in fatigue due to multiple factors, the modern day person finds it difficult to exercise regularly and cook healthy home made meals" says our in-house nutritionist, Natasha.

"When I set up my own company, I also had 2 children to look after. Long working days and even longer nights meant I didn't get to exercise, I didn't have time or the energy levels to exercise. It was after a friend enlightened me that just by changing a few things in your diet, you can really up your energy levels and reduce your waist size."

John came to us in February 2019 after noticing he had gained a bit of weight over the festive period.

"Well, I wouldn't say a bit" laughs John. "I would say substantial. Over 2018, I had a lot of rough times. I lost a close relative early in the year, a lot of colleagues left work which meant the rest of us took up the slack and I became single. I literally lost all motivation to look after myself, it was kind of a 'what is the point?' mindset. Dinner became quick microwave and oven meals or takeaways"

"It was at Christmas when things came to a head. My brother had bought me a nice Pringle jumper, which he did most years. And I couldn't get it any lower than my chest - it literally would not go over my stomach. I assumed he had bought me a smaller size but no... it was a large as always. Had the company started shrinking their clothes? That excuse floated around in my head for about 5 seconds until my brother said 'Well John, you are looking a bit bigger this year'. Ouch"

Like many people, John was unaware of his weight gain until it was painfully pointed out to him. "Of course, he didn't say it with malice but with direct honesty. That's how my brother rolls" chuckles John.

"I'm not going to lie... I didn't want the long arduous process of exercise and strict calorie-limiting diets. I wanted something that would work fast and enable me to make a quick change which I could fit in around my schedule and hopefully do long-term."

With a billion different fad diets, exercise regimes, alleged quick fixes, medications and more online, how did John come across us at Slim Transformation?

"It was actually through word of mouth. My niece's friend had lost almost two stone in 2 months. She looked great. I asked my niece to find out what her secret was. The answer was Saxenda. I was like 'Sax-what?'. The Googling began and I came across several sites with information on the product. There was even a Facebook support group. There were side effects, there were not so many great results but the ones who did have a fantastic outcome really stood out to me. I could only focus on the positive outcome.

I asked my niece to find out which company her friend used. She had initially used a different company but when the main clinician left that company, she followed him over to Slim Transformation. She said he had been really friendly, non-judgemental, put her at ease and explained everything in detail. And because she saw a genuine result, she wanted to go back to him directly.

I checked out the Slim Transformation website and read all the information. Not going to lie, there was a lot of information to read and process but I like to be informed. I also did a lot of reading on the main Saxenda website. After satisfying myself that it was worth a shot, I bit the bullet and emailed Slim Transformation."

John commenced onto the programme almost 3 weeks ago, which means he has almost finished his weight loss pen. He has kindly offered to write us a few blog posts about how he found the process of acquiring the pen, how his first few days went and how he has found the programme overall. We just need to wait for his final weigh in to ascertain his overall weight loss and whether or not he feels it is worth doing the Slim Transformation programme.

Stay tuned...

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