A Familiar Tale...

"I was working days, some nights and most weekends. Work was consuming my life - which meant I forgot to move; I was too busy to exercise and instead of dealing with it, I took the easy way out - every time I wanted dinner, I got something quick and convenient. If I went up a size, I just purchased some new clothes" - John Ball, Slim Transformation Client.

Does this sound familiar to you? Studies have shown that modern day living can act as a barrier to exercise and healthy eating.

"With a mixture of long hours, shift work, fast paced lifestyles and a general increase in fatigue due to multiple factors, the modern day person finds it difficult to exercise regularly and cook healthy home made meals" says our in-house nutritionist, Natasha.

"When I set up my own company, I also had 2 children to look after. Long working days and even longer nights meant I didn't get to exercise, I didn't have time or the energy levels to exercise. It was after a friend enlightened me that just by changing a few things in your diet, you can really up