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5 ways to survive the Bank Holiday

Bank holiday weekends can be challenging for maintaining your slim transformation. There is the temptation to indulge when having barbecues and parties, pressure to eat and drink more when with family and friends and not sticking to your eating and fitness routine due to the extra free time.

Fear not, here are five ways to help support you over the extra long bank holiday, without limiting your enjoyment.

  1. Stay away from the junk food! Barbecues and parties are always loaded with the processed food. Avoid these as much as possible. Instead, go for the salad and sliced vegetables (such as carrot sticks), choose non-processed meat like chicken wings and steak and finally, you can always bring the healthy options to share and enjoy with everyone else.

  2. Water! Drinking lots of fresh water is not only good for your body but will also leaves you feeling fuller. Aim to drink a glass of water between each meal or snack, and add in that extra glass of water between the alcoholic drinks.

  3. Eggs for breakfast! Eggs are rich in protein. Having eggs for breakfast will leave you feeling fuller for longer and enable you to make those good food choices as the day progresses.

  4. Avoid the sugar! It's never rude to politely decline a dessert. Focus on eating the meats, vegetables and whole foods. These will leave you feeling fuller and so you will be less inclined to indulge in those sugary treats.

  5. Get walking! With the forecast looking sunny for this weekend, go for a morning walk. Walking is a great exercise to burn those extra calories and it will leave you feeling energised. Why not enjoy a walk with the whole family, before you settle down for your breakfast eggs? If you are able to, go for a walk after the party or barbecue, to get that extra movement and calorie burn.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

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